LircPi : nieuw apparaat bedienen met een stokoude afstandsbediening


The project got started after a friend remarked that he could not find  vhs-players of a particular model and brand anymore. Before, I have helped him getting such machines going again, but given their age it is not surprising that more and more of them gave up. He needed these players for his partner who is not really capable or learning how to work with other remotes. Lees verder LircPi : nieuw apparaat bedienen met een stokoude afstandsbediening

LED lamp driver with remote control

Most spotlamps to build into a ceiling are ridiculously high, 8 cm or more. The reason is that most of them are still to fit halogen lamps that require a special mirror and produce a lot of heat. LED lamps should not have this problem because they spread light better and because they are so efficient as to not produce a lot of heat. But most lamps are still high, even if these contain LEDs, probably because companies need to get rid of parts/machines first before they renovate Lees verder LED lamp driver with remote control

RPi weather station: the construction

The original material used by Alecto was plastic and light-weight aluminium tubing of 20 mm diameter. Because I needed to mount both a wind velocity meter and a wind direction sensor, I needed some more material and I decided for the robust zinc-coated iron tubing as used for central heating systems. These come in 22 and 15 mm diameter versions with actually quite elegantly looking junctions. I chose for the main pole of the thicker diameter tubing with a parallel side branch of the thinner tubing. With this construction, I could also mount the rain gauge and the Stevenson screen which held the rest of the measurement system: temperature, pressure, humidity and solar radiation.


The rain gauge is of the self-emptying tipping bucket type. Here the bucket is assumed to be measuring 0.3 mm rain per bucket. Every time a bucket is full, it empties  and causes one momentary reed contact closure which can be recorded by subsequent equipment. Lees verder RPi weather station: the construction

RPi weather station: an introduction

It all started with a surprisingly good offer from the mail order electronics shop that I frequently use. They offered an  Alecto DKW2012 wireless weather station for just about 25 euros. There was a but …  I had to spend over hundred euro. Usually  my mail orders are significantly less although I try to bundle them so that I could benefit from free postage for orders over 35 euro. But this time – I guess I ordered a gadget for my father – I did and I decided to buy the weather station.

It had been lying around for about a year before I tried it. It was working as far as I could see and nicely provided the weather information on a simple LED screen. I realized this was a relatively poor solution as I could not do anything with the information than just look at it. It would be nice to use it to control the settings for the central heating system. But then I should have access to the data. Since it was wireless there must be a possibility. I already used wireless controllers for the heat exchangers in the various rooms as well as control the lighting so why not integrate this station. Lees verder RPi weather station: an introduction

Badcel verbouwen: tegelwerk

Het betegelen begon aan de rechtermuurkant

en dan langzaam doorwerken tot de andere kant

om vervolgens te eindigen bij de vloer. Na het afkitten moet de deur dicht om de vieze lucht langzaam te laten trekken.

Daarna kunnen de accessoires er in.