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RPi weather station: an introduction

It all started with a surprisingly good offer from the mail order electronics shop that I frequently use. They offered an  Alecto DKW2012 wireless weather station for just about 25 euros. There was a but …  I had to spend over hundred euro. Usually  my mail orders are significantly less although I try to bundle them so that I could benefit from free postage for orders over 35 euro. But this time – I guess I ordered a gadget for my father – I did and I decided to buy the weather station.

It had been lying around for about a year before I tried it. It was working as far as I could see and nicely provided the weather information on a simple LED screen. I realized this was a relatively poor solution as I could not do anything with the information than just look at it. It would be nice to use it to control the settings for the central heating system. But then I should have access to the data. Since it was wireless there must be a possibility. I already used wireless controllers for the heat exchangers in the various rooms as well as control the lighting so why not integrate this station. Lees verder RPi weather station: an introduction